How I used the Promote Control to aid my marriage proposal

A few weeks ago Mack Camera became a dealer for The Promote Control. The Promote Control is a tool to help photographers improve their work. The Promote Control can automated Time-lapse and HDR photography. The The Promote Control can even be a simple remote cable release with its One Shot setting. To get a feel for the product I picked one up and played with the HDR setting which you can see in my Raw Showdown post.

On June 21, 2010 I changed the setting of the The Promote Control to Time Lapse mode. I adjusted the timing so the camera would fire five frames every second. After getting dressed for work I asked my girlfriend (now fiancĂ©) to come stand in frame for a minute so I can test something. The wonderful part of this is that I am usually fussing with my cameras in the morning anyway so Melissa didn’t think anything of it. At first Melissa was just standing there pissed off because she thought we were going to be late for work and I apparently didn’t have the Promote Control set correctly so I told her to go finish her makeup.

So at this point Melissa is pissed at me but I still made her stand there waiting. I finally got the The Promote Control set correctly and the camera started firing away. I jumped in frame to kiss Melissa for good luck and then went to my camera bag to grab the ring I had sitting inside. I walked back in frame, went down on one knee and squeaked (yes I was nervous) “Will you marry me?” and the rest is history.

So that is how the The Promote Control aided my marriage proposal to my fiancé Melissa. Yes I could have used a standard remote cable release but having a bunch of wires and a bigger box hanging off my camera made the illusion just that more fun.

What I forgot to mention is I stashed away a video camera in the corner of a room so I could get the proposal on film. Enjoy the video and stills. Thanks Promote Systems for creating such a versatile product!

(Please don’t mind the mess. I had more important things to think about than cleaning)

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Congrats Scott! I did something very similar with my now wife at her cottage. Set my camera on continuous shutter release and used the release cable to document the whole thing…a great treasure to have of that moment.

  2. Thanks Derek. I hope the space you did it in was cleaner than mine. I wish I had more time to clean up before hand.

  3. Congratulations! You have me in tears and I don't even know you! Wishing you years and years of happiness as husband and wife…..

  4. Awww thats so cute xxx

  5. Nice one Scott enjoyed watching the video, well done mate.

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