Photography Session Preparation Tip For Modern Photographers

If you are planning for a photography session, and you own an iPhone and/or Mac computer then I have a great tip for you.

Preparing for a photography session can be stressful at times.  You want to make sure your batteries are charges, necessary gear is packed but at the same time, not packing gear that isn’t essential to the shoot.

What I have seen many photographers do, is create a branded PDF checklist or form, that has a a bunch of lines, with checkboxes.  It’s meant to be a “to do” list specific to the photography session.

My tip for you, is to stop wasting paper.  Not only because it’s wasteful, but as a modern photographer, you are most likely using your iPhone and computer daily.  So why not use a tool you already are using to make your photography business even more efficient.

Photography Session Preparation Checklist


Every iPhone running iOS 5 or 6, and every Mac computer running the latest operating system, have a Reminders app.

So my advice to you is to use the Reminders app, create a new list specific to the session, and check off each that you’ve completed.

I find it to be more efficient in my photography session workflow and I think you will too.

What have you done to make your session workflow smoother?  Share your tip by commenting below.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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