Essential WordPress Gallery Plugin for Photographers

Curious about the essential WordPress gallery plugin, are you? In this article you are going to read how easy NextGEN Gallery makes gallery management for a WordPress website.  The article was written by Veronica Spriggs who shares my same feelings about the plugin.  I hope you enjoy the article.

Essential WordPress Gallery Plugin

Every photographer knows the importance of keeping your portfolio fresh. Your portfolio should stay current and always reflect your ever changing style and growth. The same applies to your blog. Your blog is after all your online portfolio. Keeping your online portfolio doesn’t have to be the chore that it sometimes can be. Read on and find out why NextGEN Gallery is the essential WordPress gallery plugin for photographers.

Let me start out by saying that NextGEN has been acquired by Photocrati. I recently did an article on hot blogs for photographers and I fell in love with Photocrati. When it comes to photography Photocrati has it’s finger on the pulse. So it’s no wonder NextGEN Gallery has grown by leaps and bounds. This is no NextGEN Gallery of the past. The complete interface has overhauled with major improvements in speed, ease of use and overall gallery functionality.

One thing that can be annoying about plugin directory is lack of information. Sorry WordPress but we all know it to be true. So many times you go to get information about a plugin only to find there is none or that which is there is severely lacking. Not the case with the NextGEN Gallery plugin. Every tab is full of useful information including a video and descriptive screenshots. Two thumbs up for that alone. This plugin is so easy to get up and running but should you run into any trouble you can find any help you may need on the NextGEN Gallery plugin page.

I found the default settings for NextGEN Gallery suitable for my needs right out the box. The only changes I made were to image and thumbnail size. But you’ll find lots of options for customizing your gallery to suit your needs. Posting a gallery to your blog using the NextGEN  WordPress gallery plugin is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Take a look:

WordPress Gallery Plugin Instructions

Here are simple Instructions for using the WordPress gallery plugin for photographers, NextGEN Gallery.

1. Navigate to the Gallery panel at the bottom of your Admin Panel > Go to Add Gallery/Images.

Click on Add New Gallery to create your first gallery. Then head to the Upload Images to add your images to that gallery.

WordPress Gallery Plugin

2.  Next you’ll select your files. Select all files you want to add to the gallery and then just drag and drop them onto the interface. Or you can choose the Select Files button and navigate to your desired folder. Be sure to select gallery you want to add the images to. Click Upload Images and your gallery is created.


3.  Now onto step three, displaying the gallery on your blog. All you need to do is create a new post or open an existing post, click the NextGEN icon, select the gallery you want to insert, and finally choose the display style for your gallery.


Like I said, easy as one two three. Here is what the different style of galleries look like.

Image List:


Slide Show


And my personal favorite

Image Browser


There is nothing worse than neglecting to upload your latest photos because you dread the time and effort it will take to get them posted to your online gallery. As a busy photographer you know that simplicity, ease of use and functionality are essential when it comes to managing your gallery. You need something that not just manages your photos but manages them effectively. That is why NextGEN Gallery is the essential WordPress gallery plugin.

Essentials for Photographers

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Veronica Spriggs is a full time graphic designer working from home creating album templates for photographers. She is also an amateur photographer always looking for the perfect shot. She has a love of art, music, movies, food and all things beautiful. As well she enjoys chatting it up on Google+

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