Essential WordPress Themes For Photographers & Their Business

You are here for WordPress themes for photographers and a while back I wrote an article with Website Tips for Photographers.  So this article is taking it a step further and sharing methods to create a stunning and powerful look for a photography website. For Photographers trying to create a business for themselves it is crucial for them to have websites. When it gets down to hosting and creating those websites, the options are endless. The most popular solution is WordPress, and it also happens to be my favoriate of choice.

The reason I use WordPress is due to their simple platform, speed, flexibility in design, SEO optimized nature and sleek User Interface. The developers behind WordPress are also the people who use the CMS (content management system). WordPress uses the GPL license to improve on the product. You can read up on this at WordPress’s website. Short version, as people find problems or think of enhancements, there is a huge possibility of those changes being implemented into future WordPress versions. I can’t offer a long version because I’m not a lawyer, so please Google it.

As I said earlier, there are other platforms out there. (Joomla, Drupal, etc) In fact, something similar could be customized if you have the budget to cover that service. WordPress has revolutionized the ease and flexibility of how a website can look and function. Now, with the birth of theme frameworks, you can take WordPress even further.

WordPress Themes For Photographers

When it comes to WordPress themes for photographers or WordPress for photographers in general, there are thousands of options out there.   That is why I am doing what I can do simplify it for you.  A few weeks back I shared an article on some of my favorite WordPress resources for photographers to learn about the platform. In this article, I will be sharing links to companies that make some of the best WordPress themes for photographers. If you have an additional one to share, please comment with your tip.



Photocrati is the premier of a WordPress themes for photographers. The company is dedicated to photographer specific designs. The user interface at the backend is as simple as the look on the front end. Your customers will enjoy the vibrant and pleasant look of your photographs as much as you like using the theme. Photocrati makes it simple to have an elegant photography website without hurting the search engine optimization.

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The Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress is much more than a mere WordPress theme. It’s an underlying framework of immaculate code that’s been built to the highest standard.

wordpress photography theme

  • Optimized to deliver content to search engines
  • Removes security concerns because the code has been audited by security professionals
  • Because it’s a framework, there are many (and I mean many) child themes. This includes photographer specific child themes.  While they do not have gallery management built in like other WordPress themes for photographers, there are portfolio capabilities.
    • Crystal
    • Expose
    • Landscape
    • Manhattan
    • Pixel Happy
  • Hundreds of third-party child themes available.


As I write this there are twenty-four themes from WooThemes, that work very well as WordPress themes for photographers and right out of the box. The greatest thing about WooThemes is how often they come out with new designs.

photography themes

  • Solid framework that’s been put to the test
  • Stunning and super creative designs


wordpress photo theme

Obox is a theme company that has a similar feel to WooThemes. They have a variety of themes specifically for all sorts of industries. Each with a gorgeous design and extreme functionality. Currently there are nine WordPress themes for photographers.


photography themes for wordpress

Press75 is a company that is often overlooked. The underdog if you will. Of course, not because the designs stink. In fact, they’re absolutely incredible. I actually don’t know why photographers aren’t using their themes more. Jason, the founder of Press75 states “My focus for is simple… deliver clean, efficient and well documented WordPress themes with key customization and content management options. In short, you get everything you need with my themes and absoutely nothing you don’t.” If you’re looking for a completely different look to WordPress themes for photographers then check out Press75.

Theme Trust


Theme Trust has many beautifully designed themes, all with a portfolio feel and at the same time clean and minimalistic. I recommend checking these themes out.


popular wordpress theme for photographers

GraphPaperPress themes are not my favorite and for one reason only. It is the most popular theme company for photographers. Good, right? Well yes.. However if you do not customize the default looks of the themes, then your website will look like your competitors.  One neat feature of GraphPaperPress is that they offer more than just WordPress themes for photographers.  They also have WordPress plugins for photographers.


photography blog sites

PhotographyBlogSites offers 2-way sync capability for SmugMug users. The sites are subscription based, so you would have to keep paying to use the theme.  If I am not mistaken, when using these WordPress themes for photographers you also must use their hosting option.

Elegant Themes

full screen photo theme

Last, but not leaste – there is the Gleam theme from Elegant Themes.  This is a beautiful full screen theme backed by an elegant framework.

Finding More

You can find more WordPress themes for photographers in the ThemeForest directory and searching for Photo, Photography, Portfolio, Gallery or Photographer.  Many of them have built-in portfolio functionality and others rely on NextGEN Gallery for its portfolio management (good choice).

Free Themes vs Premium Themes

Free themes are self explanatory.  They will usually have copyright for the theme designer in the footer.  Premium themes typically around cost $25 and up.  They offer some sort of additional support and extra features and customization over the free themes.  Many premium theme companies also offer some free themes.

So there you have it. What I think are the best places to pick up WordPress themes for photographers and their business. Please check each one out, browse, read and learn about what they all have to offer. Don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

WordPress Photography Themes

Interested in more WordPress photography themes?  Check out some of these fantastic articles.

WordPress Plugins for Photographers

Check out the essential list of WordPress plugins for photographers and business.  There are over 20 plugins to help you streamline your workflow and business.

Thank you for checking out my list of WordPress themes for photographers and their business and I hope that you found it useful,



  1. Karen December 14, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    I currently have the basic wordpress blog which apparently doesn’t allow video. Do you know the best way to upgrade or use a third party to be able to load video into my blog? Would, of course, like to keep the cost to a minimum. Thanks, Karen

    • Scott Wyden Kivowitz December 14, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

      My suggestion would be to host your videos on YouTube or Vimeo and use the embed code or WordPress’s built-in embed feature:

      • Carl O'Keeffe December 18, 2011 at 6:59 am #

        Great peace wish I’d found it a while ago, I am using

        Quite happy so far, although do you know how to get a Vimeo or YouTube embed to play on iPads or iPhones ?



        • Scott Wyden Kivowitz December 18, 2011 at 8:12 am #

          Carl, is just GraphPaperPress when it comes to popularity. By default a website will look like the competitions because of how many people use the same theme. Vimeo and YouTube videos naturally play on iPads and iPhones.

  2. Nancy Stall December 15, 2011 at 11:18 am #

    WordPress Themes for Photographers is today’s lead story in the Enterprising Photographer.

  3. Scott Webb December 16, 2011 at 8:26 am #

    Yea I notice a lot of photographers using WooThemes due to working in the forums. Themes that aren’t even “for photographers.” The reason they work so well is because of how nice the themes are to use on the backend.

    Have to be careful with the Pro Photo Theme one because of 2 themes existing with that name.
    There is also UpThemes, Okay Themes, WpBundle, Elegant Themes, and the plethora on ThemeForest.

  4. Jennifer September 20, 2012 at 4:18 am #

    Great sources of getting WordPress themes. I can suggest one more source: oQey Themes. The oQey team designs themes for professional photographers too. I like their themes as these are easy to use, look simple, but at the same time modern and original. Also, their themes have a lot of features. I found out a lot of advantages in using these themes, you can take a look at them, maybe you’ll like them too. Good luck!

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