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While looking at who I’m following I realized that I have over 400 people that I am following and I don’t communicate with each. After further checking I found that a large portion are web apps, companies, etc.. whom just post news and updates. This got me curious and so I posted some Twitter polls via Polldaddy

What first grabs your attention for a Twitterer: https://poll.fm/x2g9

  • Their Twitter name
  • Their Tweets
  • Both

(highest voted in bold)

Who do you follow more on Twitter? https://poll.fm/x2gh

  • an individual person
  • celebrities
  • companies
  • a mixture of individuals and companies only
  • a mixture of every type of twitter user

(highest voted in bold)

After a few minutes of the poll being Tweeted I received a reply from Bill Crawford (@studiolighting) stating:

“I actually read the bio first, then if it’s interesting I click the URL” – Bill

“What would you say is the % of interesting vs non” –Me

I’d say around 60% have interesting bios or web sites, but a smaller 10% have interesting/useful tweets if they tweet at all” –Bill

I never really thought about that aspect of things myself. I honestly have a mixture of their Tweets and their Twitter name. Sometimes a name just pops out at you and you are intrigued to see what they are Tweeting about. But at the same time, a Twitter name like mine which is literally just my real name isn’t too exciting so I would assume people follow me because they like what I Tweet about.

John Milleker commented on the poll with this statement:

“I follow photographers and twitter users local to me. So I don’t dilute the important information from those I follow – I usually keep to this formula. If you follow me, thank you, I hope I can provide information that you find useful, but if I don’t find your updates useful myself, don’t be sad if I don’t follow you back.”

I think many Twitter users do the same but I can not be 100% sure of course.  I recently have gone through my follow list and removed users I never communicate with and apps & companies I don’t utilize.  It’s not that I don’t like the user, but just that we don’t communicate.

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