I am Out of Chicago

I spent three days in Chicago for the Out of Chicago Photography Conference.

It was an incredible event packed with panels, classes, workshops, and photowalks.

I taught two classes, lead a photowalk and was stationed at Calder’s Flamingo for the opening night Photo Crawl.

I had an amazing time, got to see friends I barely get to see otherwise, and even learned a thing or two.

Alexander Calder

According to Wikipedia, the statue was funded by the United States and was placed in Federal Plaza in 1974. But Calder built it in 1973.

During the day the statue just looks like a lot of metal, painted red. But at night, when the sky is dark, and the lights illuminate the Flamingo. That’s when the magic happens. The red pops off the blue sky, with the dark buildings surrounding it.

Calder's Flamingo

What I found as a really enjoyable view from the Flamingo is laying on the ground facing the sky. Every 5 to 10 minutes an airplane goes by.

Flamingo Plane

I recommend for everyone to visit this amazing location in Chicago. But I recommend doing it at night, once the sun is down. That’s when it shines.

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