Help Me Make Beautiful Women’s Clothing & Educate The World

Help Me Make Beautiful Women's Clothing & Educate The World

Here is something extremely special I want to be a part of (and potentially can with your help), and it all starts with a cool story.

My friend, Karen Hutton​, was approached by Vida to artistically embed some of her photographs on beautiful clothing for women. At first Karen didn’t know what to expect, but when she finally had a chance to see the clothing in person her mind was blown. The way they used her photographs were absolutely amazing and clever.

Then I heard my friend, Trey Ratcliff​, also getting involved in this cool project. He too was so excited about the end results.

So I went to look at Vida’s offerings, what they do and their offerings for photographers. There was opportunity to get involved in the designs.

So I sent then a variety of photographs and they picked a few they liked for their clothing.

It turns out Vida goes way beyond just making cool clothing for women. The clothes are made individually (yes one by one) in Delhi, India and Karachi, Pakistan and soon in other countries including some in North America. They hire humans to create the products and provide literacy programs to those who need it. They learn to read, write, and do basic math and build a better life for generations to come. Cool, right?

Here is the key to the puzzle. In order for them to officially carry my photos they need 5 pre-orders. So please (please please) head over to Vida and take a look at what’s available from me. Girls, if you like what you see then please place a pre-order. Guys, if you think your girlfriends and wives would enjoy it, please place a pre-order. Use the coupon code VOICES to save 25%.

So that’s 5 pre-orders and 25% off for each pre-order and then Vida will carry my photos in their store.

Here is the link again,

Thank you for reading and for considering.

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