Let’s Talk About Tripods

I am happy to share that my first article at Digital Photography School has been published. For my first article at dPS I wanted to write about a topic that many photographers are interested. However, I wanted to do it in a very different way.

So I went for the tripod topic as a start. Instead of just talking about what tripods are or providing a review of a tripod, I decided to write about the many differences in tripods and how some can work better for certain situations like landscape photography, portrait photography and more.

Here is a preview of the first paragraph. (don’t mind the strange characters as something was going on at their website when I grabbed the screenshot).

talking tripods at dPS

After the article as published a few comments were submitted about monopods and bipods because I did not mention them in the article. I do not use either so I can’t really comment on them anyway.

But I wanted to dig a little deeper into my own tripod setup. So I recorded this video to show you my workhorse tripod.

As mentioned, the tripod I use for the majority of my professional work is from Really Right Stuff. It’s a heavy-duty, yet lightweight, carbon fiber tripod made in the USA.

  • I use the BD800-L bracket for my Nikon D800. I also have a standard flat plate that’s generic for any other camera.
  • I use the TVC-24L Versa Series 2 Tripod legs with center column. They’re tall and extremely strong.
  • For photographing panoramas I use the PC-LR Round lever-release panning clamp and MPR-192 & Mini-Clamp nodal slide.

However, also as mentioned I use a 3 Legged Thing tripod as my always on hand ( throw in the back of the car) tripod. I also have Manfrotto and Promaster tripods which are used when teaching.

If you have any questions about my setup please comment below to ask. Please also check out the article over at Digital Photography School to learn more about tripods.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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