The Sun Is Down, The Moon Is Up & The Sky Is Clear

When then the sun goes down, and the sky is clear, and you’re at a resort in a beautiful location, what do you do?

If you are a like me, then you wander around the resort with nothing but a camera, a headlamp and a tripod. Ok, and a TriggerTrap.

That’s what I did one of the nights while staying at a beautiful resort in South Carolina for my sister-in-law’s wedding.

The Sun Is Down, The Moon Is Up & The Sky Is Clear 

My goal for the night was to photograph some of the palmetto trees along the water, but as it turned out I could walk along the pool area with no problem too.

What I find so fascinating about long exposure photography is the ability to to have parts of a scene appear to be illuminated with artificial light. When in reality, this exposure was just long enough to gather the natural ambient light from the moon as well as some artificial light from many feet behind me.

This scene was dark enough that without my headlamp I could not see. So while the photograph was being made, I stood behind my tripod in darkness. Thinking about how beautiful the night was.

And thinking about how beautiful the resort and the area was.

Times like these make me thankful for the opportunity to travel with my family to amazing places.

And to document the travels through photography.

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