Sunrise at Thunder Hole

As a photographer who doesn’t make his living off photographic services, I strive to make photographs that I am extremely happy¬†with.


Although I offer photography services, It’s not my full-time job. So I do not have to take on new projects or new clients. However, one of my favorite things is when a landscape photograph of mine is hung on someone else’s wall.

That, to me, is what I love most.

Because to me that means I have created art that others will enjoy.

The photograph here was made during sunrise at Thunder Hole in Acadia National Park in Maine. It’s a beautiful view where you can see the ships go by, headed to Bar Harbor (aka, Bahh Bahhbahh) to unload passengers for sightseeing.

What’s really neat about Thunder Hole is the enormous cave under the rocks I’m standing on. During high tied the water would go into the cave, splash off the back of it and then spray out onto the rocks making a huge thunder sound.

During sunrise the tied was not high, so we did not get to experience that. But the beauty of Thunder Hole’s sunrise view is one that I was so happy seeing.

I walked away with two photographs that I consider my best and favorites of the year. They are even up there in my all-time favorites from my collection.


New canvas trio hung #photocrati #APCub #nxnw2014

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The Instagram photo above is one showing the photo hung on someone else’s wall. You can see that the photo is split into three separate canvases. It was done that way because the wall is very large and I needed to fill the space. So the tree canvases are 20 inches by 40 inches each making the full photo 60″x40″.

In the end I was very happy, and the new owners of the canvases were happy as well.

That’s all that matters.

For 2015, If you’d like landscape/seascape photos for your home, please check out my portfolio or send me an email.  I’m happy to chat.

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