While I was photographing Jon and Jodi’s family session, they were telling me about their son Cooper’s desire to be an actor.

They asked if there was any way for me to make some headshots for him during the family session.

The Stars Of The Future Start Somewhere

As a professional photographer, we sometimes have to think outside the box to make magic. On this day, I had to think quick and on my toes. I was not prepared for headshots in so many ways.

What I wound up doing was improvising a clear white background by using the cleanest white was I could find in the venue. Fortunately, it was freshly painted just prior to us arriving.

I adjusted my camera and light, used a lens not really meant for headshots, and worked with Cooper for a few minutes to get him comfortable and prepped for the headshot.

For the remainder of the family session, I continued capturing some other headshot style photos of Cooper, whenever the scene worked well for it.

Seeing how Cooper works in front of a lens, I can see him doing great things in the future.

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