Environmental Headshots with Cherry Blossom Backgrounds

It is common for people to want their headshots done in front of a white background.

Because that way 100% of the attention is on their faces.

However, sometimes it’s more enjoyable, and relaxing clients to be in the environment.

Lifestyle or environmental headshots are just that.  Photographs where the subject is in a comfortable place with something scenic behind them.

For example, I have done many headshots in client offices with their shelves, computers, and books in the background.

In this case, we went to Branch Brook Park in Newark, New Jersey for environmental headshots.

lifestyle headshot environmental headshot 

For these headshots, I positioned the clients in front of a white cherry blossom tree. They were in a shaded part of the tree, with the sun on their faces just enough to present warm light. I intentionally have the cherry blossoms blurred so the focus point is not on the tree.

And there was a reason for going to this specific park. These clients are the business partners at Ideal Development, a company who buys distressed properties in Newark and surrounding areas, fixes them and rents them.

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  1. Love the swirly bokeh, what lens did you use?

    1. Those were done with the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens.

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