How I  Quickly Removed An Outlet From Hundreds Of Photographs
I photographed more Karate sparring photos. This was challenging for light and speed.

How I  Quickly Removed An Outlet From Hundreds Of Photographs

This article follows up to another I published on culling through 10,000 photographs.

One of the items I briefly touched on in the video was the outlet which was present on the wall. ┬áTypically an outlet wouldn’t be an issue if a background is used. However, due to the condition of the floor it was necessary to use the background paper there instead.

Because I knew the outlet would be an issue during process, and with the large volume of photographs, I took action ahead of time.

I taped a bright-colored piece of paper on the outlet. The color was one that I knew none of the karateka would be wearing. It was also the only color I could get a hold of on short notice. It did it’s job.

Take a look at the video below to see.

So as you can see, whether using Adobe Photoshop or MacPhun’s Snapheal Pro, content aware can help remove outlets from hundreds of photographs. It can be done quickly, efficiently and save so much time.

Be sure to cover the outlets with a green screen colored paper, or something else out of the ordinary.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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