New Jersey Punk Bands Reunite in Asbury Park

Three New Jersey punk bands and one Pennsylvania punk band reunited in Asbury Park – August 2019. I went to enjoy the show but also to capture some photographs and video footage of the bands. This is the equipment I used, and some of the videos. The bands playing were Avery, Jettison, Humble Beginnings, and Digger.

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Tomorrow in Asbury Park. New Jersey is a reunion show for a bunch of bands that have been played in many years. One of the band did a reunion about a year ago, so they’ve have played recently, but they still don’t play on a regular basis. You could watch a video I made about that just by clicking that card above. No, at that show I plan on bringing a camera. Last time I only brought my iPhone with a mic and a in a moment lens that I can get closer to the stage. I didn’t want to bring a bigger camera for that. I want to just enjoy the music. But this time I am doing both. I am bringing a camera and I want to talk to you about what I’m bringing and why now this show is not a concert. This is a, a, a local show with local bands that have in played in about 20 years.

And so this is more of a general admission. You, everybody’s on the floor because this is a show and it’s a very intimate setup. I don’t need to bring a lot of equipment. I don’t need more than one lens. I don’t need a bunch of cameras. I need one camera and one lens and that’s it. No flash. So what I decided to bring is I was going to bring my Nikon d at 50 with the 85 millimeter lens and the 35 millimeter lens, but I decided to go the single camera, single lens route for two reasons and to also switch the camera I’m using for a specific reason. The first reason for bringing one camera, one lens is y just less to have to worry about one camera. One Lens is easy. I can throw it on my hip, which I’ll talk about that in a second.

And I can also just use that and it’s a zoom lens. So it gives me some versatility as far as zooming in and out. The downside is it’s an f four Lens, so I’m limited to a four. If I, I can’t open up wider, all I can do is bump up the ISO, which we’ll talk about in a second. So instead of bringing the Nikon d at 50 I am bringing the Nikon z six would want to recording on right now. Otherwise I’d be showing it to you right now. The Lens that will be on the Nikon z six is a 24 to 74 lens, which means I would have some wide photos as well as zoom in closer as 70 millimeters. It’s still not as close as 85 like I wanted to, but again, one lens, it’ll be fine. I can always move in and out, back and forth if I want to.

The show is at a brewery a so there’s going to be a lot of people drinking. I need to make sure that I keep an eye on that so nobody spill stuff on my camera. Now I mentioned I’m going to have it on my hip. The way I will be doing that is I will be using two things. You might know that if you pay attention to my channel in previous videos that I use, they really write stuff l bracket and in order to get an on my hip, I use this. This is the spider pro clamp and you can see there’s a spider pin. And then this is the spider light. And I’m going to basically have this on my belt and I’m going to have this clamped to the l bracket of my neck on z six so I can just slip it in and hang it from my spider holster.

And what’s nice is if their crowd does get a little crazy and I want to secure my camera, I can just lock it down and the camera won’t come out. I’m a big fan of spider holster. I am also a spider holster ambassador, so big fan of the products that they make besides from that, which is really going to be out of the way because one will be on my hip, one will be on the camera. The other accessories that I will have basically is one extra battery because I plan on hopefully flipping to video to audio, to video to stills, to video to stills and hopefully get some good video footage. So I might go through batteries. I gotta have at least one battery backup for the show. And the other is next year memory card. I’m not gonna bring my full memory card wallet, but I will have one extra XQD card in my pocket, probably in my actual wallet where my money is so that way I can just take it out and pop it in.

If I do run out of space, which I highly doubt I run out of space. So I’m about to pack up and get ready for this show. And well here it goes. I almost forgot to mention why I’m going with an icon z six instead of the Nikon d at 50. The reason is actually because the net 98 50, while it has pretty good ISO range, actually some of the best ISO range out there, it actually doesn’t compare to the Nikon z six and then that kind of, these six is really designed for doing really well in low light situations, especially in video. So I am looking forward to using this for doing some band photography in the low light situation. I don’t know what the lighting is going to be, so we’ll see. We’ll see how that goes. But that is my main reason for going with them, like on z six for this plus, it’s lighter, so I don’t have to worry about a heavier camera on my hip for the three or four hours I’m at the show. I’ll just have a lighter mirrorless camera, so that’s pretty cool too.

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