Don’t Make This Battery Mistake

I loaned my Mevo camera to my karate instructor who accidentally made a mistake of not charging the battery or plugging it in while using it. So something interesting happened during a recording with it. The intention of sharing this with you is to help stop you from making the same mistake.

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I have a story for you and it’s about this device. It’s called the Mevo. This is the first generation of Vivo. I think now they’re on two or three generations at this point. Nivo started out as a company, a sub company, a sister company, whatever, a physical product of the company, live stream, live stream, which has been around for a very long time, was acquired by Vimeo. Now, Vimeo makes Mevo. Now again, this is the first generation. This is when live stream made it. There is nothing that they did wrong in this product. But I wanna tell you a story that I hope you learn a lesson from related to this. Hey, this is Scott Wyden Kivowitz. So storyteller with a camera talking about all the things for talking to us like you and I are thinking about in this video, we’re going to be talking about a mistake that hopefully you don’t make.

So I used to use the mevo a lot for live streaming. I don’t anymore. Now I basically use this little camera for recording karate videos, more specifically tests and special events at the karate school that I photograph for, but also the quality school that I go to as a student. This little camera has a battery built in and also has a micro SD card in there. It can record for about three hours at a time. The battery lasts for about an hour, maybe a on a good day. And there’s a very long cable, a very long cable that goes into a little USB port in the back of this. Now I don’t use this for a live stream anymore. All I do is I turn it on and I push the button and then it starts recording and then I push the button and it stops recording. In July of 2019 the karate school had two students going up for their second degree black belt.

And so I happen to be going away on a family vacation at that exact same time. So I could not attend this test, which meant that I could not record film or a photograph. This test. What I wound up doing was I set up this camera on a tripod pre leveled with the cable and everything and I set it up ready to go. I had it fully charged, ready to go for the test, and I showed my instructor how to use the camera. This test was split into two different nights. I was at the first night. The second night is when I would have been away. The first night I set this up and it was plugged in, ready to go, was recorded perfectly. The second night, the instructor, which was now a week later, the instructor forgot to start recording for the first five minutes of the test.

So I was expecting to see a the first five Katas basically missing and then started right after. And what I found well was this. So what you see is that the video just basically stops. The video goes from video to just audio recording for the rest of the test. Now happened, and this is the lesson I hope that everybody learns from, is that this battery was not recharged. So it was sitting there for a week not being used, the battery was depleting and the battery was not recharged. And my instructor, although I gave him the instructions and he knew what to do because he forgot to hit the start button for the first five Katas he wanted to go start it and he forgot to plug it in. So the battery just, it was low. So what the camera ended up doing was to save the battery life and to record something, it went to audio recording only mode and it recorded audio only for majority of the video clip, which is why you see what you see.

So long story short, that’s what happened. And the lesson learned, be sure to charge your batteries and if you have something that needs to be plugged in, be sure to plug it in. Just because things have batteries doesn’t mean you should rely on batteries. I have a monitor fixed above my camera now so I can see myself in the battery just died. Fortunately, it’s not vital to recording this video. If you liked this video and you like advice and tips and things, just like you just saw, click that subscribe button below. I publish new videos every Monday and Thursday whenever possible. You don’t want to miss it.

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