How To Process Your Landscape Photographs With Love

process-landscap-e-photography-ebookLoving Landscapes is a new eBook published by Digital Photography School and authored by Todd and Sarah Sisson. The eBook is your guide to landscape photography workflow and post processing.

As a landscape photographer I am always looking for ways to improve my methodology for editing, and to be inspired by other workflows and ideas. So I am very happy to share a brief review of this amazing new eBook.

Loving Landscapes has over 200 pages of detailed instructions and advice.

The goal of the eBook is to help you streamline and improve your capture to process workflow for landscape photographs in a short period of time.

Todd and Sarah walk through some basic techniques in addition to advanced techniques that will blow your mind… or as they say, “fry your mind.”

You will learn about capturing the image with the best image quality, backing up and recommended computer options, shooting and using RAW images, Lightroom for your workflow, single and multiple exposure post processing and so much more.

The beauty about Loving Landscapes is that the processing techniques go way beyond just landscape photography. In fact, much of the book can be implemented in a portrait workflow as well. For examples, if you have wondered whether to use collections or how to use them. If you can’t decided between stars, colors or flags, then check out this eBook.

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I never used stacks before, but after reading the eBook I plan on utilizing them more for my multi-exposure photographs, like HDRs.

Todd and Sarah also cover the Lightroom publishing services like Facebook, Flickr and Behance. The chapter is perfect for those curious and confused on how ot use that part of Lightroom.

In fact, Lightroom is so complex (yet not as complex as Photoshop) that many photographers often don’t touch much of what is offers. Sometimes it’s due to the lack of necessity and others due to confusion. Either way, the ebook helps uncover many lesser used features in addition to the essentials.

I almost forgot to mention the resources included with the eBook, like sample DNG files and Lightroom developing presets.

I highly suggest heading over to dPS and reading more about Loving Landscapes, and please consider picking up a copy to improve your workflow. Time to process your landscape photographs.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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