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It feels like yesterday that I self-published my Long Exposure Photography eBook. The eBook has been doing extremely well considering I was doing all the marketing on my own. However, I was given the opportunity to re-publish the eBook under a publishing company. So with that said, I am extremely excited to share that Time Is On Your Side is now available from Trey Ratcliff‘s publishing company, Flatbooks.

The eBook has been redesigned by Griffin Stewart, the Traveling Designer, with some new content as well. If you already own a copy of the eBook then there really isn’t a reason to purchase a new one (unless you really want to) because the added content is not that much. However, if you have been on the fence about purchasing then now is a great time to do so.

Here are some screenshots from the new design:

time-is-on-your_side-scott-wyden-kivowitz-sample-page-4 time-is-on-your_side-scott-wyden-kivowitz-sample-page-3 time-is-on-your_side-scott-wyden-kivowitz-sample-page-1 time-is-on-your_side-scott-wyden-kivowitz-sample-page-2
To learn more about the eBook visit the Flatbooks landing page.

If you own the iBooks version of the eBook, then you will soon have an updated copy on your iOS device. I hope to have that done within a week. Same goes for Kindle users.

Thanks for reading and for the support,

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  1. Thanks for the credit and link Scott. Enjoyed working with you on the design and hope to work together again on future designs and ventures.

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