How to: Posing Kids For Photographs – Newborn, Toddler & More

I have to start by saying that I am not a kid photographer, but I have done it and have nothing against it.  The reason I have not pursued it as a focus for my photography is because photographing kids takes a certain personality.  As much as a generalization as the next statement might be, more often than not you will find women specialize in child photography and not men.

With that said, I have always wanted to explore the best ways for posing kids for photographs.  Until recently I couldn’t find a good solution to help me in the field.  But then Digital Photography School came out their new Click posing guide for kids.

How to: Posing Kids For Photographs - Newborn, Toddler & More

Reading the eBook, How to take gorgeous photos of your kids, it’s obvious that the advice would help for future kid photographs.  The book made me realize that posing also isn’t everything to photographing kids.

I’ve had sessions in the past where I would photograph a child playing on a park playground.  It was more a lifestyle session than a typical posed session.  So why not combine the two?  Posing the parents are easier than posing the kids.  The eBook made me realize that I could use that to my advantage and pose the parents, get the kids to play with the parents and in an instant make a bunch of photographs that are posed yet playful.

At the same time, posing is important for other kid photographs. For example, posing a baby can change make a baby look like he/she is sleeping in a goofy position into one that is flattering and cute.


The printable and mobile friendly PDF posing guides can help solve this problem.  The illustrations are beautiful and easy to understand.  Having the PDF on your smart phone, iPad or in your pocket can help big time when you’re on a deadline.

Never be afraid to ask for help.  Never be afraid to know when a posing guide is needed.  There are many photographers, like me, who do not like to pose people.  In fact, I prefer never posing people.  I prefer letting people be themselves and capturing them in the moment.  However, with kids it is sometimes more important to pose them than to let them run around in circles.

So ask for help and pick up the guide for posing kids.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you need help posing adults, dPS has you covered there too.

Thanks for reading and happy posing,


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