Photography & The Fear Of The Unknown

I sent an email to my newsletter talking about projects that I have done and failed at.

Yes, it was a hard email to write, but there is a lesson in it.

In the same email I talked about a new project I have in the works and what I’m afraid of.


I also asked the community about their own fears in photography. I thought it would be interesting to learn what others are afraid of because it is likely very similar to each other.

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Here was my own:

For my “Inspiration Is” project I am scared to not find that “perfect lighting” and for the project to be a complete failure. I am scared that other life events might get in the way of pursuing this photography project. At the same time, I know that the project doesn’t have a clock and can go on forever so really being scared of that is silly. It’s one of those internal debates that just doesn’t have to happen yet it does.

Then I started receiving replies:

What I’m afraid of, especially being in high school still, is growing up and being successful at life doing what i love. I’m also afraid of choosing the wrong career path, which might end up happening with the comments saying ‘photography is just your hobby, go to college for something useful’ or something along those lines. I absolutely love the art of photography as well as filmmaking, but I’m just scared that i wont be successful.

Thank you Mr. Scott for caring about your ‘followers’ and the other photographers out there.

-Austin W.

He is definitely not alone as I was in the same exact boat at one point in my life. I actually left the photography industry because I didn’t think there was a full-time job out there for me. I was wrong.

A friend of mine recently was hired as a photographer for a company who photographs very niche products – rare minerals. I would have never thought a full-time position existed for such a niche, but it’s there. That gives me hope for other aspiring photographers.

I have been trying to speak with other photographers to gain more insight on their photography, but it seems like every one I email just ignore me. I would love to work with other photographers to see a day in the life, but no one will give me a chance. Some major roadblocks I’ve been going through is losing my job earlier this year. I was laid off and haven’t been able to find employment yet. This has put my photography on the back burner, which is hurting me.

My fear is that I will not be able to do what I love to do in life. I have seen in my life my Mom working everyday of her life. She’s been working ever since she was 4 years old in Georgia picking cotton. I look at her and it hurts because she is stuck in a job she is miserable in and she can not afford to leave and do what she loves.

I have so many projects flowing through my mind that I don’t know how to start them. I struggle with trying to stay motivated with the projects I would like to start because I feel that it will not turn out the way I want it.. does that sound weird? I’m needing to step away from myself because I feel that I’m the one in my way. All in all, I just want to do what I love.

LaToya Fesser

As you can see LaToya has similar fears to the rest of us, like what the future holds for her and is there really something out there?

camera skillsA few weeks after sending this email and scheduling this blog article, I noticed an article from my friends at Photography Concentrate on the same topic of fear.

I highly suggest clicking over to their website and reading the article.

Stay strong and believe in yourself,


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