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Moving right along with my iPhone workflow tips – I thought it would be a fun spin to share a simple tip for anyone with an iPhone attending a photowalk.

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The Scenario

You’re on a photowalk and the other photographers in attendance are not (currently) friends.  The event is in a city atmosphere and there is the possibility of being separated from the group.  You’re not familiar with the area and could get lost.

The Solution

The iPhone has an amazing new app called Find My Friends.  You have the ability to connect with your friends using the built-in GPS as to locate them anywhere in the world.

If you open the app, you’ll notice a few tabs at the bottom: All, Temporary, Me and Requests.


If you click on the Temporary tab, you will have the ability to enter some information relevant to the photowalk

  • To – the email address of other photowalkers that you would like to connect with
  • Name – the photowalk event name (e.g., Photowalk Asbury Park, NJ)
  • Ends – when you want the temporary connection to end

Just remember that once you have approved the connection, the connections can find you anywhere in the world.  Make sure you set the end date correctly.


Your Tip

Do you have an iPhone Photowalk Tip to share? Please comment below with your tip.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Didn’t know about this. Thanks so much for sharing.

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