How To Plan A Photowalk (A Video Conversation)

Want to know how to plan a photowalk? I have planned many photowalks over the years. But recently I was working with two friends to plan a large photowalk to take place after the 2014 Photo Plus Expo in New York City.

Before having our final call to finish up the planning I decided to record the conversation so others could learn what goes into planning a photowalk.

Prior to the conversation two things were already determined.

  1. The date
  2. An idea for the location and route

So with that, enjoy the photowalk planning conversation.

Some photowalks are more detailed than others, and are more planned out that others. For example, we decided to wing the actual route instead of physically mapping it out and sticking to it. But you may choose to go all out and fine tune the exact lefts and rights to take.

For the curious minds who want to see the Google Plus Event created for this photowalk go here.

If you have any questions about how to plan a photowalk or related items feel free to comment with them here.

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