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Last week I published a very simple iPhone Shortcuts Workflow Tip as a way to help you save time when tagging, signing or writing in general. This week I wanted to share a tip for streamlining your mobile blogging. There are many apps out there for blogging. In fact, WordPress has their own. However, my tip will help any iPhone or iPad photographers blogging on any platform. It will help whether you’re writing for a long post on Google Plus, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress or Facebook.

Best app for blogging

Did you know that Apple has the greatest blog post writing app built-in to very iPhone and iPad? It’s called Notes. Why is this so good? Well, it will automatically save your drafts and sync the drafts with your computer. It’s simple and clean. It’s not trying to squeeze extra goodies into the package.


How to use it

  • Type your article in Notes
  • When finished, select all text and copy
  • Open the necessary app for posting the article from your device
  • Create a new post/article/status update
  • Paste the article text
  • Post

If you plan on posting the article when you are back at your computer, just open Apple Mail (Mac) or Outlook (PC) to access your saved notes. Then you can copy and paste the content into your desktop blogging application.

In Closing

Being a dedicated notes app makes Apple Notes super fast and my blogging app of choice. I would love to hear how you blogging from your iPhone or iPad. Please comment with your tips.  Interested in writing a guest article with your iPhoneography tip?  Please reach out with your idea.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. To photoblog from my iPhone I often use Tumblr or WordPress apps. I will take the photo in Camera+, do some processing, then export to the Photos app. Then I type my text in the Tumblr/Wordpress app, attach the photo and post.

    1. I don’t use Tumblr much really, but the WordPress is is fantastic. I like keeping my drafts in the Notes app because it sync’s with my computer instantly.

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