I feel like Santa… 12 HDR Spotting invite codes

It’s Christmas Eve so this doesn’t fall inside of the 12 days of Christmas but hey, who makes the rules here anyway?


I have 12 invitation codes for HDRSpotting.com to give out for Christmas. I feel like Santa! The first 12 people to comment below with a link to their favorite HDR photograph from their personal collection will receive an invitation code via email.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends)

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate. To those that do not, happy holidays!


PS.  Don’t forget to check out HDRPhotog.com as well!

PPS.  Ok, so I’m not Santa.  But Trey and Denis were nice enough to supply the 12 invite codes so I guess they’re Santa.

Confused about this?  Read up on the 12 days of free photography gifts.

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    1. The link is broken but I’ll still send the invite code :-)

    1. The link is broken but I’ll still send the invite code :-)

    2. Thanks Scott! What a great gift.
      I noticed with a few other links that they only opened if you view in a new tab. I posted what I called HDR but was drastically different than most others. Would you mind trying to view the photo once more? I’m just curious if this even qualifies as HDR. Thanks again!

      1. that one worked! Nice shot!

  1. All of the codes are now gone. Thanks for sharing everyone! The gifts just keep getting bigger from here :-)

  2. Bummer I missed it, but thank you for the Christmas generosity Scott!

    1. No problem. Stay tuned as the rest are going to be even better!

  3. One of my first HDR efforts. Not subtle but I quite like it!

  4. Well I tried to link from my phone but it was being a pest, so I’m not sure if I’m in time :(
    anyways this is one of my current favs :)

  5. I don’t know if i’m on time, but here is my picture

  6. Here’s mine!

  7. I have no good HDR photo’s its a goal for the new year

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