Join me at Out of Chicago Photography Conference – June 2017

The Out of Chicago Photography Conference is back for their huge June summer show.

If you recall, I was teaching at the first, and only, Out of New York Photography Conference. It was a lot of fun, but was smaller than the summer Chicago conference.

So I am really looking forward to the “big show.”

I was asked to participate and teach in multiple events. So I thought I would share what I am involved in.

Join me at Out of Chicago Photography Conference - June 2017

Photo Crawl

The first night is what they call a Photo Crawl. It’s like a Photowalk except instead of groups going out on a route and with a leader, it’s reversed. Leaders like myself stay in one spot for the length of the event. Photo Crawl attendees then walk different routes and wind up at my spot, and then the next leader’s spot, and so on.

I am not sure of my Photo Crawl location yet, but once I know I will update this post with the details.


I will be teaching two classes. But both are the same. And there is a reason for this.  Classroom space is limited, on purpose. But the photowalk I’m leading is directly connected to the classes. So I want to give as many people an opportunity to learn.

My class topic is Introverted Street Photography.

The typical street photographer is an extrovert, and doesn’t mind getting close and personal with random people on the street. But what about the introverted photographers that want to try street photography? In this class you will learn the differences between the two styles of street photography. You will also learn how to approach street photography as an introvert, so you don’t have the uncomfortable interaction commonly faced with street photography. All class attendees will receive a free copy of my eBook, The Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography.



As I mentioned just above, my photowalk is related to the classes I’m teaching. So going along with it, my photowalk is on Introverted Street Photography.

Wander down Chicago’s State Street with Scott Wyden Kivowitz, the author of The Ambiverts Guide to Street Photography. Street photographers do not have to be extroverted to successful make photographs. They do not have to speak to strangers, get in the way or in someone’s face. Take a step back and enjoy the scene, think about how to make the moment perfect and find ways to get around that introverted side. But at the same time, make fun and enjoyable street photographs.



Last, but definitely not least, is a panel. I will be sitting down with Rick Sammon, Valerie Jardin, and Steve Neilson in a session called Photo Pro Insider. During the panel we will be talking about photography, business, and becoming a photography educator. There will also be time for questions from attendees. Some of the topics will likely include how to make money as photographer who doesn’t only offer services to clients.

Those Moments When The Sun Sets And You're Heading Home

Other Educators

out of chicago - summer 2017 instructorsI won’t be the only educator at the conference, of course. Here are a handful of the other photographers you can expect to see, hear and learn from.

  • Art Wolfe (opening keynote)
  • Valerie Jardin
  • Rick Sammon
  • Steve Simon
  • James Maher
  • Derrick Story
  • Levi Sim
  • Joshua Cripps
  • Anne Belmont
  • Giulio Sciorio
  • Peter Tsai
  • Steve Neilson
  • Lara Joy
  • Ben Hutchinson

Out of Chicago has some of the best instructors from around the world, in the photography industry – all in one place – offering incredible education.

The classrooms environments, photowalks and workshops are intimate for the best possible experience.

Attendees will enjoy the most incredible locations to photograph in Chicago, guided by experts from the area and hosted by photography educators.

There is time to meet vendors and other photographers. Networking galore!

You can find new passions, new ideas, and try new things throughout the event.

There are pre-conference workshops with one-on-one instructions.

This is going to be a busy conference, with a lot of talking and walking. I’m looking forward to exploring Chicago with attendees and meeting a lot of new faces.

I hope to see you there.

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