Slower Shutter – Long Exposure Photography Calculator

slower-shutterI am a big fan of simplicity in mobile apps, and Slower Shutter fits the bill perfectly.

Slower Shutter is an iOS developed by Mike Wong (formerly of onOne Software and now The app has a very basic purpose which is to calculate the exposure time, with up to 16 stops of light reduction while using neutral density filters.

If you’ve been to my website before then you likely know that I wrote an eBook on long exposure photography.  In the eBook I mention a couple neutral density filter calculators.  One of the calculators is actually a part of a larger app, called PhotoPills.  One of my favorite apps, but why open that app only for neutral density timing.  That’s where Slower Shutter comes in.  It’s simple, elegant and does the job well.

Mike started his adventure at Untitled Apps with the goal of creating Slower Shutter (rumor has it a game is next), and he used the education provided at to learn how to develop the app.

In the video below I want I will share how to use the app to calculate your long exposures.

As you can see, Mike made it super easy to use. To get started, pick the shutter speed of your camera (before a neutral density filter), then pick the amount of stops for light reduction from the neutral density filters. When you are happy with the new shutter speed displayed, click Set Timer. Once you’re ready push the timer to start the timer.

It is that simple.

I hope you check it out as the app is only $0.99 in the iTunes app store.

Once you have the app downloaded, check the the long exposure photography tips page on the Untitled Apps site. I offered Mike a variety of tweetable tips for him to share with the app users. I hope you’ll utilize and share some of those!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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