Closed No Bathing

This was just begging for me to photograph it. The combination of a slightly funny sign and the relaxing ocean. I shot this during the Asbury Park photowalk earlier in November.

There is something about empty beaches.

As I was putting this post together I thought to myself… “Why do people take pictures? Why do they share their pictures?” So I know this is a bit random but please comment, and tell me why you take pictures. Why do you share them?

Want to take that a step further? Share with other readers what Inspires you, in 300 words or more. If you’d like to, just contact me and let me know!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. I have a shot of you, either just before or just after you got this shot and I remember thinking “What does he see?” You’re right though…the combination really produced a nice shot!

    Thinking about trying my hand at Inspire in 300, too…love that project.

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