WE35 Field Report: The Difference Is Night And Day

The title of this article is meant to be silly and serious at the same time.

Being a part of the WE35 research team is so much fun, and allows me to think about photographing in many ways.

The photographs you will see here were photographed at two different times of day.  One was around 1:3pm and the other around 8:00pm.

The goal was to photograph the same scene during daytime and nighttime.


I know the scene here isn’t the most attractive one, but this article and the photos are more about the point, or lesson, to be learned.

Look at the daytime photo first. The colors are nice because the day was bright. However, it’s bland. There isn’t much to it.

Now look at the nighttime photo and you’ll see a vivid blue night sky and lights streaking past the camera. The shutter speed was long enough to convert a car’s headlights into a beautiful blur of motion.

So which do you like better? Hopefully you said nighttime.

The lesson here is to always consider going back to a location at night. Day is nice, but night can be ten times better.

Think about it.

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