The Impact of Simplicity

Like the photos I shared the other day, these are very similar. The difference is literally color versus black and white.

Vineland_BW Vineland_Color

The color photo was cross processed using a white light balance to bring out some of the creepy blue tones you see in the background.

The exposure is also quite dark so you can just barely see the building behind the sign. I did not have a tripod with me, so my exposure could only be so long without going blurry. But I’ll get back there one day and will be prepared for the same subject matter with a fresh take.

I was in Vineland for Passover Seder with my in-laws and family. After sharing this photo with my father-in-law, he posted the color version in the “I grew up in Vineland, NJ” Facebook group. It has over 3,000 members and the Likes and Comments are growing. It’s incredible to see the power of a simple photograph and how it brings back memories from people.

Here was the post:

“My son in law, Scott Wyden Kivowitz was hunting in Vineland for things to photograph last night. He’s from North Jersey and because we were having Passover dinner at my sister (and brother in law’s home) decided to bring along his camera. We suggested that he consider The Ave, the Landis Theatre, the Castle of Depression, the home on Main Road with the Replica of the Statue of Liberty, the Alliance Cemetery and even an old chicken coop. But, having a photographer’s knack for these type of assignments, Scott chose this subject. Though it’s not the Eiffel Tower or Niagra Falls…in Vineland, there probably is no more unique and recognizable landmark. Nice one Scott. Very few cities have their own power plants.”

Some of the comments include:

Lucille: “As a retired employee of the electric utility I’m very proud of that sign.”

Patricia: “I guess I always took this sign for granted because I got a big tug of “home” when I saw it. Your son-in-law has the eye and intuition for an icon.”

Carol: “this says home!”

Over 140 Likes and 22 comments.

So as you can see, the impact of something so simple can really be amazing.

So go make an impact.

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