Best & Favorite Photographs of 2013

In 2013 I had the pleasure of traveling to different places in the USA and provide photography services to new and previous customers.

Below are my best and favorite photographs of 2013.

An amazing view of a busy part of Boston. The movement is due to a long exposure.
I spent some time in Arizona for a wedding and went out shooting up a mountain with some friends.
New York City Sunset from Hoboken
I spent a sunset in Hoboken shooting towards New York City’s beautiful skyline.
I got to see one of my favorite bands perform after they called it quits years ago.
I visited family in Georgia and photographed a very difficult scene.

I had the opportunity to photograph a very historic mill in Massachusetts.

I was hired to photograph Karate for a book. I was shown a spot in Newark, New Jersey that I never knew existed. I hosted a lighting workshop at Dynalite’s studio and it was amazing!

Last, but definitely not least is not a photograph but more than that.  In 2013 I wrote a book on long exposure photography.



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  1. Hi! Beautiful photography! i would love to know what mill that is in Massachusetts! Looks like an amazing wedding venue and I am looking for something unique like that.


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