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What makes this photo so special? Is it the lack of post production? The Instagram or Hiptsamatic type feel? Is it the crazy vignette or the deep black with no detail? The vivid color? Or is it that there was a Holga lens on my Nikon D700?

I think… all the above.

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  1. I don’t get it. One of my local photo buddies turned up at a recent photowalk with a shiny new D3s and a holga lens. Why spend $5000 (or $2500 for the D700) on a body then stick a piece of $20 plastic on the front? Just think of the money that you could have saved by buying just a Holga body! :-)

    1. I wouldn’t spend the money on it either. But it’s fun to test and play with it for sure.

  2. I like it. For me I think it is the really heavy vignette. It certainly isn’t any instagram feel as I personally hate instagram processed images :-)

    1. This was shot using the Holga wide angle attachment, which adds extra vignetting. I will doing a ful review of the kit for the future.

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