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WordPress Photography PodcastI launched a new WordPress photography podcast, which the goal of educating photographers about WordPress. The podcast brings guests onto each episode, in a conversational format. Everything discussed is broken down into language that photographers can understand.

I was highly considering an online course or eBook on WordPress for photographers. However, the platform, its plugins and themes change so frequently that it did not make too much sense.

So instead, I sat down with the Imagely team (where I work) and came up with this idea.  I even brought on a co-host who loves WordPress and photography as much as me.  Rachel Conley from a company called Fotoskribe.

At the time of writing this, we’ve had five guests on the show including Christine Tremoulet, Tamara Lackey, Jared Bauman, Erin & Jeff Youngren and Bryan Caporicci.  We also have a lot more guests to chat with in the near and distant future.

If there are photographers you would like to hear from, please let me know.

The podcast 100% free, with no advertisements or commercial pushes in any way. It’s all about education no matter the brand.

arts-categoryThe show is available from multiple podcast networks, including iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play (pre-approved and coming soon), ProductHunt, on the website and via RSS (I love Downcast)

Within a week of publishing the podcast on iTunes, it made New & Noteworthy in the Visual Arts category! We are very proud of that achievement.

One more week later and we made New & Noteworthy in the main Arts category.

Each episode is available as audio through podcast subscriptions. But on the website or YouTube, you can view the video of the episode.  And on the website, you can read the transcription if you are hearing impaired.  Making the podcast extremely accessible was an important goal of ours.

If this interests you I hope you will give the show a listen.  You can find the published episodes here.

If you subscribe on iTunes I’d love it if you would leave us a great review! 

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