Project Unicorn Travel
Layla's unicorn watches sunsrise over the Last Vegas strip, with dada.

Project Unicorn Travel, or, at least, that’s what I am calling it currently, is a fun project I am doing with my daughter, Layla. She’s only 14 months old right now, so she doesn’t understand what I’m doing. But as she gets older I’m sure she’ll love the project.

The project includes a white vinyl unicorn which is intended to be decorated. Right now it’s just white.  As I travel, without Layla or with Layla, I will be photographing the unicorn in various scenes as it fits.

As Layla gets older, she will decorate the unicorn however she wants. I will continue to photograph it with the decorations and all.  Even if it has a crown and glasses. (even better if it does)

Last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI. It was a fantastic time, but mentally and physically exhausting. It was 4 days of non-stop walking, talking, questions and answers and so on.

This trip was the first time pursuing Project Unicorn Travel, and although I did not have time to wander around Las Vegas, I did manage to photograph the unicorn in various locations.

Las Vegas Sunrise

Here the unicorn watches sunsrise over the Last Vegas strip. I woke up extremely early (around 4 am) due to the time change from Eastern to Pacific time.

I was staying in Excaliber and could see the strip from my hotel room. The sun was rising directly across from my window, so it was perfect for a morning silhouette.

Unicorn at WPPI

The second for the project is from one of the classes which Imagely was sponsoring. Jared Platt was giving a great lecture on Adobe Lightroom, and I was sitting at the Imagely table in the back of the room. So I placed the unicorn in the middle of all the Imagely swag for the photo.

As you can see, Project Unicorn Travel is not just about photographing the unicorn, but rather photograph the unicorn as I see the world while I travel.  Whether it’s an early sunrise or working in the back of a classroom.

I know that when Layla is older, she will love seeing what daddy did while he was away.

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