Historic Longstreet Farm

Longstreet Farm and Holmdel Park are one of the best places in Monmouth County to do cozy family portrait sessions. Families can have fun wandering the grounds, watching animals, petting some animals and playing in the giant field or at the lake.

Documentary style family sessions aren’t the only thing you can do at Longstreet Farm, though.

There are beautiful buildings which can use as textured backgrounds.

The last time I was there with my family, a mother pig had a litter of piglets. My daughter was loving the little pigs, petting them, and listening to their tiny squeals.


The mother must have been very tired because at one point she was sleeping on top of one of her nursing babies.

The pig squealed so loud it eventually woke up the mother and she slowly lifted to her feet and moved over to let the baby out.


It was a little scary there for a moment, and it made my daughter nervous, But there isn’t much that can be done to move a giant pig. Good thing her motherly instincts kicked in.


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