UltraLight Camera Cover Review – Hold On To Your Fanny!

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The UltraLight Camera Cover is a product from MindShift Gear, the sister company of Think Tank Photo. This is my first MindShift Gear product review, and I’m very excited about this because of many reasons.

For one, Think Tank Photo has always made amazing products. Since branching out with the sister company, MindShift Gear has released some really interesting and innovative products for photographers to store their cameras and accessories.

UltraLight Camera Cover

The UltraLight Camera Cover was my first choice for a product review. The bag is not so much as bag as it is a cover as it is a fanny pack. Yes, I said fanny pack in the same review as the word camera. Go figure! I guess the more technical term for a fanny pack is a lumbar waist pack, so we can also go with that.

The camera cover is just that – a camera cover, but with the added benefit of weather resistant eco friendly materials and a waist belt for more comfort.


In the photo you see of me photographing the couple, I am wearing a Think Tank Photo belt with some of their modular bags attached. What you don’t see is the UltraLight Camera Cover because it’s actually folded into itself as a tiny pouch and clipped to the Think Tank Photo belt using a carabiner. You read that right. When the camera cover/bag is not in use then it is “Ultralight” and small enough to stay out of the way.  You can see the small pouch near my right front pocket.


So why did I want this bag? For days where I want to stay very light with no bag. For days where it might rain, but it might not. For days where I am walking non stop with nothing but a camera and extra memory cards and batteries in my pocket. That one chance that I get tired and want to put the camera away – now I can because I don’t have a bag, but I do have the UltraLight Camera Cover. This puppy is staying with me on those days.

This puppy is my new go to daily carry along. Better safe than sorry, and thanks to MindShift Gear there is a solution like the UltraLight Camera Cover available.

It comes in multiple sizes depending only your camera, so be sure to read the details on the product page to determine the correct model number for your camera/lens combination(s). It also comes in black or a blue. The cover is available directly from MindShift Gear and also select dealers.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. thanks, scott. I can see me using/needing this. so, it’s really okay in rain?

    1. It’s not waterproof but it does do well with light rain.

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