How To Attach A Tripod To Nearly Any Bag

attach-tripod-bagOne very common question I see through emails is how to attach a tripod to a bag that has no tripod holder.

Well, my friends at Think Tank Photo offer a product for one of their camera bag lines. The line is a series of messenger style bags called Urban Disguise.

The products which I am talking about here are their attachment straps.

Think Tank Photo bags, like many other camera and non-camera bags on the market, include webbing to attach accessories.

These attachment straps are intended for photographers to strap a tripod underneath the Urban Disguise bag. The kit also includes a few other straps for smaller items, water bottles and so on.

So if you are like me and want a way to attach your tripod to nearly any bag (any bag with webbing for accessories) then pick up the attachment straps from Think Tank Photo for $20 and take advantage of the simplicity.

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  1. Do suggest how to add a water bottle.

    1. Think Tank Photo also has a modular pouch that holds a water bottle. I use it all the time!

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