A Storm Brewing And We Went Back

We were driving back to our hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There were three trucks. Two of which had CB radios. The other, who was first in line, did not have a radio. So they kept going. I was in the middle truck, and we got a call on the CB asking to turn around. Something caught the 3rd trucks interest.

Turns out Armando had been contemplating this scene in his head for five miles. Yes, we had to turn around and drive five miles back to this exact spot.

But it was worth it!

A Storm Brewing And We Went Back

We put the two trucks in park and ran out to capture a bunch of images before it was too late.

The storm was brewing over the Grand Tetons, and we found such a great view of it, just before the rain met up with us.

I have about 20 frames to work with on this scene, both in landscape, portrait, wide and close. But this one kept catching my attention. Then it came down to whether to process it in color or monochrome. I kept color, even though it’s hard to tell because I think that slight coloring you see adds some reality to the scene. This is what we saw with our eyes. It was dark. It was moody. It was creepy. It was an amazing view.

Well worth the five-mile turnback.

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