The Best View In Grand Teton National Park

What you are looking at here is the best view in Grand Teton National Park.

Ok, that’s a bit misleading because there is no bad view in the park. And every view is the best view.

But the title of the article caught your attention, right?

The Best View In Grand Teton National Park - A view of a mountainI called the article that because I think the rocks in this photograph have the absolute best view of Grand Teton National Park.

They sit above the still water. They’re calm. They’re staring at the distance.

The rocks are enjoying the view, and they get to on a daily basis.

Even when cold or icy, those rocks are there, watching the mountains in the distance. Enjoying the animals swim or walk by.

The rocks sit in the shadows of one of the most majestic mountains in the United States.

Those rocks are lucky that they get to stay there for years to come.

I’m not jealous, though, because I had the pleasure of capturing this photograph. I got to enjoy the same view they get to daily.

And I have the honor to print it for my wall, for my clients’ walls and to put in books and albums.

It’s photos like these that make you enjoy travels, life and family.

The world is beautiful, so go out and see it.

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