Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake was one of my favorite stops while in Grand Teton National Park. Why?

Well, one and a half miles, climbing 300 feet, in the darkness, with nothing but headlamps. Only one out of the twelve of us knew what to expect at the top. We were worried about bears, and moose and wolves. But we were in a group, so it was ok.

We climbed over rocks and trees and waterfalls. It was an adventure, with backpacks filled with camera equipment, and tripods attached. But we made it to the top. The view was majestic. Taggart Lake awaited our lenses.


We arrived at Taggart Lake with minutes to spare before sunrise. We split up, and each found our places surrounding the lake. It was such an amazing view. The Grand Teton mountains were in the distance, and the stillness of the water let us capture reflections like no other. I could have sworn I was looking through a kaleidoscope.

The summer was about to start, so the trees and brush were beginning to brown. I knew I would need to enhance color in post processing, so I left a note for myself to run this photo through ON1’s incredible filters. I had the creative vision in my mind, and at the end, have left with one of my favorite photographs from my Grand Teton National Park trip.

Want to see how I processed this photograph? I recorded an episode of ON1 Inspiration which can seen here.

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