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Digital-Zone-System-Editing-BannerPhotographers like Ansel Adams have used the zone system for photo editing for many years. The zone system is basically a monochrome gradient scale from shadows to highlights. The technique allows you to edit your photographs piece by piece to create the perfect final product.

Blake Rudis of Everyday HDR has taken the zone system to a new level with his Digital Zone System virtual course and resources.

Zone editing has a variety of advantages over off the cuff editing. For example, it allows you to be extremely accurate, efficient and process your images with deliberate changes.

In the course Blake walks through exactly what the zone system is and how it applies to black and white photography. He shows how to edit a photograph in Adobe Photoshop.

Even though Blake shows Photoshop editing, this technique can be used with any software that offer local adjustments. For example, onOne Software, Topaz Labs and more.

The video below is a brief teaser of what you will learn from Blake’s course.

As you can see, the Digital Zone System course can really help improve your editing process. As mentioned, the technique has been around for years however so many photographers overlook it or simply pass it by.

Blake has made the process even easier for Photoshop users by supplying pre-made Photoshop Actions for CS5, CS6 and CC which will automatically find the zones in your image and create the masks.

So please head over to the Zone Editing website and check it out. If you’re looking for a precision editing method then the DIgital Zone System is for you.

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