The ROI Of Radio Advertisement For Photographers

roi-radio-photographerRadio advertisement is not something you find photographers taking advantage of (often) in their marketing efforts.

However, there is something to be said for the power of voice over the air.

Here is why…

A while back the local talk radio station, NJ 101.5, was discussing how small businesses use their websites and social media.  Of course, this is a topic that I love talking about so I called in.  I was on the air for under 5 minutes talking with the hosts.  However, being that I was allowed to spell out my website for some shameless self promotion, I noted the time so I could check Google Analytics in the future.

When time permitted, I went back to check on the traffic during the time I was on the air and it shocked me.  The conversion was so short, yet my traffic increase by four times its normal rate.

So what does that say?

Maybe giving radio advertisement is worth a shot.

Will photographers who advertise through the radio be hurting their reputation like the ones that offer Groupon deals at practically free prices?

Trey Ratcliff gave magazine advertising a true test, but I do not have it in my budget to test the radio advertising theory.

Have you heard local photographers advertising on your radio stations?  Do you think it would have good ROI?

Please comment and share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Interesting idea Scott. It would be nice to see some large scale tests, but I really don’t know how much it would effect sales.

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