Totally Rad Replichrome Lightroom Presets Review (Video)

Prior to Totally Rad announcing their Replichrome Lightroom Presets publicly they contacted me to see if I would be willing to review the new products.

As a big fan (and creator) of Lightroom presets I was very excited to see what they came up with.

I was a little shocked to see them talk smack about VSCO’s Lightroom presets because that’s never a good marketing strategy in my opinion.  However, they did and I decided to overlook that.

What makes the Replichrome presets unique in my opinion is that they used the Frontier and Noritsu scanners for the replicated film presets.  So instead of just a Kodak Porta preset you have Portra through a Frontier scanner or a Noritsue scanner.  Noritsue’s are typically warmer so sometimes the replication is much different between each.

Replichrome Lightroom Presets

So what do you think of the Replichrome Lightroom presets?  I’m a fan of these and definitely plan to integrate them into my workflow, fine tuning as I go since presets should never really be your final post processing efforts.

Bonus Video

My friend Seshu recently interviewed Doug Boutwell, founder of Totally Rad, talking about Replichrome. You can view the video below:

If you do not already have film reproductions in your Lightroom preset library and are interested, for $99 Replichrome is well worth picking up.

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