Recreating Family Photos Over The Years
Year Two

Two years ago I had the pleasure of photographing a new family, who also happen to be cousins.

My cousin had his first baby.

Two years later, I was asked to redo the photo. Not for a bad reason. But for a very good reason.

Recreating Family Photos Over The Years

Now their son is two they have a 7-month-old daughter (at the time I’m writing this). So as you can see, the family is growing.

So why not recreate family photos over the years? It’s fun. It’s special. It’s unique.

Imagine having a timeline of your family year after year. Each photo being made in a similar way. The location might change. The equipment used might change. Faces will grow older and clothing styles will change.

But the family will be the family, and the memories of those days will be cherished forever.

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  1. Great advice. Thanks Scott.

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