What To Do When You’re Faced With Bad Light for Photographs

You are most likely reading this because of the headline, What to do when you’re faced with bad light for photographs.

And if you are, then I’m going to get straight to the point. Becuase that’s how I roll.

The answer is adapt.

What To Do When You’re Faced With Bad Light for Photographs’ answered in 1 word.

You see, I love light. I love photographing it, working with it, creating my own and just adapting. I like the challenge that light brings. It’s one of the things that makes me enjoy photography so much.

I recently photographed my brother and his family and in-laws. We went to a park near our houses, which is beautiful. But the light there is terrible. There is no shade anywhere. But there’s an incredible lake, a playground, trees, and boats. It’s fun.

But as expected, the light was horrible. I had no perfect spot to photograph them. Until I looked at the bathroom area. It was covered, shaded, and the lake could be used as a nice background.

The downside, however, was that day I brought no artificial lights. So my only option was the overexpose the background so that the family was nicely exposed.

And I was fine with that. Heck, it makes it truer to life, and more relatable in my opinion. It’s a story, and one I’m telling you right now.

What To Do When You're Faced With Bad Light for Photographs

I lined up the family and tried some different positions. Then I thought to have my niece and nephew hug while my brother and sister-in-law and their parents were on either side of the columns.

It worked (perfectly).

I wasn’t concerned about their faces, nor the funky shadows. It all came together because the sun was so harsh that day that the background began to glow with the overexposure.

I was happy. The family was happy. Mission accomplished.

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