Photo Critique – Monochrome Landscape Without Highlight Detail

It’s time for another photo critique and this one is a beautiful monochrome landscape photograph.


As you can see in the before/after and the video, the highlights in the sky were completely blown out. That means that there is no detail in those parts of the sky at all. This is avoidable using neutral density filters, a change of exposure and shooting in RAW mode.

As you can see in the video, the photographer did a fantastic job, and my suggestions are simply my point of view. I shared the video with the photographer and this is the reply I received.

Hi Scott

Thanks for the critique… still learning to use Elements and Lightroom and obvious from your video that I have not got it right yet. The original was a JPEG and I have learned since this was taken to only shoot in RAW. I do prefer your precessing of the image and once again thanks for your help.

Mission accomplished!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. Nice clean result, Scott. If it were to be in color I would prefer to keep the original cooler tone. It’s much more atmospheric, it transmits the cold. You can see it especially in the color of the mountains in the back. The warm up kinda vanilla-sizes it. But your black and white version is indeed more balanced. Contrast only where it should be minus the “find edges” look.

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