Long Exposure Photography with Neutral Density Filters

Time really is on your side. How do I know? Well, I created a new Udemy course all about long exposure photography with neutral density filters.

Previously I shared my two other Udemy courses, both which are free. However, this new course is not free.


Time is on your side It’s also only $47 so it won’t break the bank. Newsletter subscribers have an opportunity to get the course for less, so be sure to subscribe and keep your eyes out for a coupon code.

In the course, I will discuss:

  • What you need for long exposure photography
  • Neutral density filters
  • Mobile apps to help calculate long exposures
  • Live setup examples
  • Bluetooth and Wifi camera triggers

I also have a Q&A section where I will answer notable questions from students. I’m also planning on adding more content, screencasts and lectures to the course. For example, a walkthrough of how I would edit a long exposure photograph. That’s the beauty of an online course system. Not only can you take the course at your own pace, but I (as the instructor) can add new educational content anytime! There is also a critique section where students can submit a photo for detailed feedback.

As always, if you have questions while taking the course please don’t hesitate to ask before creating a review. I will do my best to make adjustments and answer your questions.

So visit the new course on Udemy and learn about long exposure photography.


Make A Commission

There is also an opportunity for you to make some commission on the course. Udemy offers an affiliate program and my course is included in it. If you promote the course using an affiliate link you have the chance to make 50% on the sale which is a max of $23.50 for each new student! Here is a link to the Udemy affiliate program.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


Note: You might notice that some of the videos have been also used on my blog.  Please be aware that the bulk of the content is unique to the course, and I shared some on my blog as means to further promote the course.

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