NYC From Above The Train Cars

The High Line is a special place to many New Yorkers.  It’s now also a tourist trap for outsiders. I’ve done many photowalks on The High Line, so it gets quite old, fast.

However, this past October I was on a photowalk following a day at PhotoPlus Expo, and it was my first time on this part of The High Line.
New York City

“What a view, and one that isn’t often seen from above.”

That is what was going through my head when I captured the photo on my Nikon D810.  I knew ahead of time I wanted a high contrast, simple toned monochrome photograph.

So when I got home and processed it in Lightroom that’s exactly what I did. No special software was needed for this image.  It was simply a matter of taking my time with sliders inside of Lightroom and adjusting the tones within the black and white processing.

I am so pleased with how it came out in the end.


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