Notable Website Statistics (2013 Infographic)

For the past two years I have been sharing these infographics of my website statistics for the year.  Since 2014 is here it felt right to share it now before we dig deeper into the New Year.

One notable statistic that I does not shock me at all is the amount of US visitors that have been visiting my website.

Since I am an American photographer it only makes sense that the bulk of my visitors are more local than others.

In 2011 the amount was 61%, but in 2012 it dropped to 50%.

It’s also nice to see Google Chrome taking over as the more popular browser among my website visitors.    Although the browser users more computer resources, it’s much better than Firefox and Safari.

One last note is the amount of time people are spending on my website.  In 2013 I shared a lot more content around WordPress, software, etc.  So it makes sense that people are browsing more than previous years.

So with all that said, I hope you enjoy the analytics infographic.  If you want to try this on your website, visit Analytiks to download the app.


Happy New year,



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