Notable Website Statistics (2012 Infographic)

2012 has been a great year for my freelance photography business. In addition having the opportunities to photography fantastic locations and people, my website has been doing well.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to share a small Infographic on some of the website statistics.


You may be wondering why I thought it was important to share the information.  From a marketing standpoint, this information tells me a lot about my website visitors, and points to some areas that can be improved.

For example:

  • 50% of my website traffic is form the United States.  That is not a bad number, but if I was trying to get more local business, I could tweak my content so that it is only relevant to the United States or the New Jersey area.
  • Internet Explorer doesn’t even make it to the top 3 browsers used to view my website.  Internet Explorer is a browser that is extremely annoying to design a website for.  So because of this, I do not need to worry.
  • Only 17% of my website visitors are browsing on a mobile device.  I suspect this will grow each year, and once it hits 25% then having a responsive or mobile website is essential.
  • 18% of my traffic is returning visitors.  If I can find a way to increase retention rate, then not only with my new visitors grow, but my returning will and that means overall move traffic.

So as you can see, there is a lot to learn from some Google Analytics data.  I hope this helped guide your photography marketing efforts into 2013.

Happy New Year,


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  1. Hi, can you share what site/tool do you use to generate that?

    I guess that 68% of traffic is able to be “located”? And the rest just fall into “other” (not shown)?

    Also, the typography on the time spent got mashed up. I thought it would be 9′ 47″ if using minutes/seconds, but combing the colon in there, I thought it would be 9 hours? Any idea which is right? Couldn’t find a Strunk and White type reference on time formatting.

    Thanks and Have a great 2013!

      1. I just went to install Analytiks from the app store and realized I already had it. LOL! You know you are an app junky when you can’t even remember what apps you own.

  2. Scott,

    Those are impressive stats. You know you have compelling content when your visitors spend time on your blog, in your case almost 10 minutes.

    1. I always read the colon in time displays as a delimiter. It’s most likely a habit from my days as UNIX system administration and web developer.

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