Notable Website Statistics (2011 Infographic)


I found this neat app for the iPhone (called Analytiks) that creates an Infographic from a Google Analytics account.  I’m not sure what will happen next year but hopefully I’ll be able to share another infographic of 2012 statistics.  But until then, I hope you enjoy this fun post.

  • 61% of visitors are in the United States
  • 36% of visitors use Firefox
  • 92% of visitors are on a desktop/laptop computer
  • 66% of visitors are using Windows

The app doesn’t just create infographics.  It does let you dive a little deeper into your analytics.  But it’s not the one I use to check my stats every day because currently it is very limited.  I purchased it for $.99 just because of the mini infographic it creates.  If you’re interested in the best Google Analytics app for the iPhone then do a search for Analytics App.   It’s more expensive but has more features than any other Google Analytics app out there (that I’ve seen).

Thank you to all the readers in 2011, have a happy and healthy holiday and new year.  See you in 2012!

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  1. Awesome app! Wonder if there is something like this for awstats too?

  2. That’s pretty interesting! I like the mini infographic but I wish it could show a few other elements – even if you could replace one thing with another. Still pretty cool though.
    I haven’t seen that other analytics app but seems good. I use AnalyticsPro and have loved it so far.



    1. It’s a new app, so i’m sure they will be building upon it in the future… hopefully they do!

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