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I am extremely excited and happy to share that I will be contributing to a new photography magazine available as a PDF and for iPads (and it’s free) on a regular basis.  The magazine is amazing, it’s called Light & Landscape Magazine.  It’s not like your typical photography magazine which is cluttered with endless advertisements and articles that are used online in other places.  It’s fresh and educational and truly inspirational.


The second issue of the magazine has been released, free of course, and is available for downloading right away.

Download the iPad or PDF version and check out the first article after the editors note. There you will find my introduction to Light & Landscape Magazine readers.

I talk about my entry into photography, and how I got on board with Photocrati.

In future issues I will be sharing articles and videos around WordPress for photographers.

So if you ever have any questions you’d like to see answered please comment here with those questions, send me an email or contact me through social media.

Can’t wait to help you improve your website via another amazing resource.

Of course – don’t forget to download the first issue of the magazine as well!

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



2. Introduction to Scott Wyden Kivowitz
3. Hosting & Domain Names

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  1. That’s really exciting Scott! It seems like you’re everywhere. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you.


  2. So glad I found this magazine. Great content.
    I have been trying to find a way to host my own complete website. What I mean by complete is have a website that I can customize, blog, add custom pages, and keep my images, create galleries and sell products including downloads. I currently have a self hosted WP website designed with DMS Page lines and NexGen Gallery Pro. Can I upload my full resolution images with out compromising my website’s loading speed. I have all of my images hosted and ecommerce with Photodeck (my portfolio site is, and their sites have extremely fast loading speeds. I have heard of VPS and CDN, but not sure if I have to go this route. Will I have to shrink my image file size so it does not affect loading speeds to much or should I keep my images on an Amazon server or stay with Photodeck?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Darryl,

      The next update to NextGEN Pro will allow you to sell images based on an original backup. That means you can have the front end image resized for optimization but also keep the backup full-size for sales.

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